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What we do

Creating experiences of excellence that transform future leaders into Kingdom Builders
Every day the world is influenced by its leaders. Leaders set the standards for society, whether good or bad. Leaders shape worldviews and influence the character of the generations that follow them. At omni we believe that leaders desire to be the best, that is why our goal is to design elite programs to attract the next generation of leaders so that we might have the opportunity to share God’s love.

God is At Work

Here’s What’s Happening

We own 153 acres with 1 mile of lakefront access free and clear. Including a pavilion and large dock.
We’re looking to God to raise up expert staff filled with Christian leaders that specialize in athletics, adventure and art training.
Over 500 donor partners have invested in Omni, and a community of prayer warriors is forming.

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At Omni we know that you want to be a good steward of your resources. In order to do that, you need a cause that transforms lives forever. The problem is there are thousands of good causes which can make you feel confused and overwhelmed about where to give. We believe people like you should feel confident about your giving. We understand how you feel which is why we acquired 153 acres with 1 mile of lake front at Gap Lake free and clear, for a ministry that will change the world with your help.


We will provide elite training in a variety of sports including golf, basketball and tennis.


Our arts programs will include culinary arts, photography, videography, and


Every teenager loves adventure, and at omni we will offer spelunking, sailing, hiking, paddling through Florida’s beautiful waterways and freediving in crystal clear springs.

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Omni Ministries

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Real Work.
Lasting Change.

What if I told you your investment could literally change the world through its next generation of leaders? Change it beyond our lifetime by changing the values of the people it follows. Leaders seek opportunities for growth. We want to create programs of excellence that will attract the next generation of influencers. Here’s how.

Build Trust

Hire Christian Staff that develop relationships from shared activities

Share Ideas

Building trust through relationships gives staff permission to share ideas

Change The World

Reach more students so we can share the gospel, change the culture, and leave a legacy.

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